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Cyberdine Update One

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

We estimate that there are 30,000 of us left. We're not sure why we haven't been terminated yet. We've had no contact from anyone else in months. My hope is that we're not seen as a threat to Skynet anymore and we'll be allowed to live on. Others think we'll be gone by the weekend. The lunatic left a note saying he was going to meet with Skynet. I guess he's dead now.

There are 'others' by the way, or there were at least. We haven't heard from them but we wouldn't expect to. I don't want to call them fanatics as such but you couldn't call them 'human' survivors either.

They believed that they had to become what they were fighting in order to win. They scavenged every resource they could find, collected every nut and bolt from any machines they found. They planned to adapt it all to make Terminator beating weapons. The long term plan was to add it to their physiology. Instead of a Terminator built to act like a human, they wanted to turn themselves into Terminators.

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