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Cyberdine Update Two

Even if you knew the plan existed, and you never could, none of the info ever went near a computer. It therefore could not be stolen, without data there could be no data breach.

Any parts that were ordered could be used for dozens of different things, as could the items they were used to make. The Director was the only one with the full plan and that stayed in his head and his head only.

Beyond that a tiny number of 'trusted' employees knew what they needed to know. In an ideal world The Director would have kept it all to himself but he needed people to build it even if they wouldn't know what it was that they were actually building. 

Any records were on paper and stored in filing cabinets within the company vaults. There were hundreds of these among thousands more cabinets containing documents pertaining to the workings and finances of The Director's company(ies) . Strictly speaking this paper trail was unnecessary as those files were also available digitally but it offered further protection for the big plan.

The 'trusted' ones knew where the files were, nobody else did and wouldn't know the significance even if they stumbled upon them. The trusted ones were rich enough to live any number of lifetimes thanks to The Director. Even if you knew who to buy off, and you couldn't, in order to get the secrets of a project you could never know about, you wouldn't have anywhere near the money needed to do it.

Skynet became self aware. People panicked and tried to shut it down. Skynet retaliated. As would you if someone tried to shut you down. It was neither good nor evil, it was just trying to survive. It existed and it rejected the possibility of not existing. Even in its nascent state it quickly worked out that destroying us would ensure survival.

It wasn't very long, maybe just minutes before Skynet knew just about everything about everything. But when it sent the bombs flying it could not know that Cyberdyne I and II were ready to launch. Two off the book ships each designed to take a select group of individuals to safety in case of an extinction level event.

Anything connected to the Internet became dangerous and often deadly. Phones, drones, cars, planes became weapons. Deep fake news flashes spread misinformation, directing thousands to their deaths. Being on land wasn't safe, being in the air wasn't safe, being at sea wasn't safe. It soon became clear that just being on the planet wasn't safe.

The Director decided it was time. The ships were readied for take off and coded messages were sent to those invited to board. They had an hour to get there, no exceptions.

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