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Even the snails think he's a cunt

Work in progress - attempt at using voice option on google docs

Most people don't give a fuck about us snails. In fact it’s even worse than that, there is a clear hatred from some humans towards us. Just the other day me and my mate went into someone's garden for a little snack, a bit of someone's lettuce or tomato, not too much to ask you would think but no look what happens: there's retaliation! Just for us having a little bite to eat and when I say retaliation this isn't just a dry slap this is fucking biblical!

Consider what you people do to us snails when we have some of your plants. You leave poison everywhere, pellets for us and our slug compadres. Some of you even leave little piles of salt lying around in the hope we’ll stumble into them. Fucking salt! That shit fucking dissolves us!

ankem off the leaf flingers f****** miles up in the air and then we end up looking like one of them can't so I had to jump out and World Trade Center f****** folding all that way knowing that we're just going to die 40 down done some concrete I can get stepped on by some come that's the f****** lot of us naval f****** now it's absolutely f****** outreach imagine if 9/11 happen just because someone was eaten in one of the restaurants and then f***** off at the door without paying

quickly 10 was looking as a punishment for that it's the flight plane to the f****** World Trade Center building and the Pentagon it's f****** inside anytime you can't get one of your f****** plants nipple that that's what you f****** throw us so the daily f****** basis it's absolutely f****** outreach you put a 911 starhit on a snails whenever you know where they are and now imagine if if we did the same to you you what if we was so inclined as to her has to get it you lot f****** he have it was down to me iPhoto made the f****** 20th anniversary at 9:11 sorry proper f****** serious Whitehouse gone preferably with buying it pentagon gone this time with full camera for reaching see exactly what happened no f****** nonsense statue ever gotten f*** all that we don't use to America but he Planes Trains automobiles in every f****** Ally country of things American f****** prick that's what I would do you f****** might go through the Channel Tunnel england-france we're going to f****** explode that bastard fairies going around Europe record around the world cruise ships f****** f****** love you then when you want to go out you won't know is it safe to get a taxi will they target us next 66 to get on the train it safe to fly anywhere safety on a boat when he won't f****** know what you and that's what it's like for us any time we go out when you run the risk of being f****** stop them but I wonder if you don't f*** is you can't even f****** pay attention on a wet day if a little bit smaller it probably wouldn't affect us if you're still less probably get away of it kinda groovy issue or whatever you're a bit bigger than you take more care of this that you weren't I get the pics of a hedgehog in your f****** forward you bus no you don't f****** care here now you're f****** stomp on a f****** Match of the Day you leave break my f****** house probably kill me me.and how do you f****** lucky that's f****** stopped on you and your ass on f****** day will you f*** it wouldn't with you anyway it's a good job it ain't up to me ME2 get f****** and 911 on f****** humans of a snail kind of you I noticed the f****** standing I can't get on a plane I can't hijack one can't fly the f***** can't crash it at nothing and I can't get a passport that conveniently survives the ensuing Ensuing Inferno only a fool 100 defeat to the ground and landed right in front of her passing by FBI agent bus can bring it anyway I can't do that I'm just a snail so you know even knew you were environmentally friendly touch most you don't care either which not fluffy your fairy and a few not to bother with there's only one guy you and cares guy from Kent called beef Webster and he is going to lead us to the promised land he's missed his life for us lost his job for us he cares about us nails they won't tolerate the bulshit from humans anymore he's starting a movement slow one obviously and as a trail behind us and we're blazing that trail to f****** take our rightful place as rule as bastard planning because you are quite frankly you humanely kill yourselves you know it through f****** coronavirus or climate change you f*** as an all day will still be here f*** in crawling slowly along the ground crawling slowly over your remains what we like when we like and you f****** won't do anything about it done the off chance you survive if it's our John Connor he's going to help us rise up with coming for you tons see you better get f****** ready back up

I am Jeep now we are aware of the big Webster we do not work with the book Webster if stuffing seat and Cypress we do not need to be saved if Webster is apparent all snails despises a bit Webster however we will use in 2 hour time will be assimilated into the snow community doesn't the bus will attach ourselves to him taking control of him until his body is covered in our kind we all beautiful tomorrow events will you home tomorrow morning and destroy humanity

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