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I've written fuck all in ages

But... this was still a good idea, I'd probably like the mix of videos I've chosen as a stranger visiting here AND I am so much further on with my writing path than I would be. What you can't see is the dozen or so drafts that need working on. Obviously there's a lot of published stuff that is TBC or utter gibberish at the mo but most weeks I add a few details here and there which is getting me to the stage - I think - that most of the ideas that have been festering in my mind for years or now are kind of stored here.

With a following wind I could get Atrocity finished this month, and the artwork for Cyberdine I. Plus I've got stuff on other sites I could steal back. Without setting this up they'd be saved as random Evernote notes, or sent between email addresses or lost on word or google docs. Anyway, coming soon - the ballad (or bellend) of Bowel Cancer Brown - so called as his hair is the same colour as shit when you have bowel cancer, probably. Don't fucking ask me, I just (might) write the fucking thing. One day. Maybe. Actually I've changed my mind. Now. Piss. Off.

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