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Reynard & The Chinaman

I like to refer to Ronnie O (of Snooker fame) as 'Reynard', not sure why but I've always done so, I am vaguely and possibly childishly entertained by it. I feel Partridgesque in even thinking this but while watching Ronnie play a Chinaman in the World Snooker right now - incorrect nomenclature I know - the idea of Ronnie and said Chinaman becoming a duo who save the world through their snooker prowess has popped into my mind. It's no Monkey Tennis I know but it's got legs (it hasn't).

While on the subject it would be rude not to acknowledge Reynard's genius in some way.

And why not a snooker Haiku while I'm at it?

I'm not acting hard

It's RONNIE O'Sullivan

I still say Reynard

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