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So Say We All

I'm midway through BSG, 20 odd years too late I know but it's kept me from watching Love Island at least. Quite frankly Love Island - Maya Jama aside - is gonna have nothing to compete with Starbuck or Caprica Six anyway. Obviously the story is important too though, I'm not just in lust with Tricia Helfer to an unhealthy degree. I might be to be fair, I'll ask my therapist next week.

Anyway my point, not that I ever have one, revolves around the Admiral and President Roslin, it seems like he might have given her what for on New Caprica but it's not been 100% confirmed so far. Wouldn't blame him if he did, she's a million miles more likeable than his dead alcoholic wife. I do think that Starbuck would oblige him if he tried his luck but he seems the kind of guy to stay in his age range.

Just realised I'm about 500 miles from my point which I think is this. He's the military leader, she's the civilian leader, they've got internal conflicts up to their eyes as well as worrying about those bastard Cylons. It does seem that they're into each other, and Roslin humping Tigh would seem a little strange even if she wasn't President. Still, in this day and age, you have to wonder why he couldn't bend her over, yank her head back, tank fuck her arse and then jizz all over her back, don't you?

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