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Picard Series 3

Updated: May 4, 2023

Picard and 1899 spoilers innit. Things might resolve themselves in a few days but the Lore v Data grudge match in Picard lately was a fuck up, and a predictable one at that. For the record I liked the way the Borg assimilated the Starfleet younglings and them combining with rogue Dominion elements was pretty cool. This week my guess is that the Raspberry Ripple Borg will come to the rescue and give the original Borg a kicking of Paralympian proportions. Anyway, back to Data, did anyone think for even 0.68 seconds that he would be defeated? Was just never gonna happen, but there's no reason for him to have come through this at all. Surely Lore would be the kind of Arsehole you'd want to go fucking with an enemy of this magnitude. No conscience, utter bastard but someone you'd want on your side for the next 5 minutes. Sure he'd be his own problem after that but that's a bridge to be crossed after you're not dead. There's loads of examples in films and TV of this kind of stuff, Blade teaming up with vampires, Stallone being thawed in Demolition Man to deal with Snipes, plus the shock of Data losing would be like the Undertaker losing at WrestleMania. Would have really caught people by surprise. Similar shit happened in the last Jedi. Rey's already caught a glimpse of Kylo's cum gutters and likes what she sees. She's just seen Snoke killed and helped beat off his guards, if you'll excuse the expression. Kylo offers her a chance to rule with him. She owes nothing to nobody, been treated like shit all her life and as far as she knows was sold off by her parents for booze or such like. The brave decision would have been to have her turn there, take up the offer and the two of them rampage through the galaxy. Instead we got another few hours of dogshit. If any of the stuff I wanted to happen above had happened all bets would have been off. Retreading the same old tropes or just taking the easy route is so fucking boring. I am absolutely the enemy of that. I don't - yet - feel as strongly about it as Kathy Bates but I'm getting there. The sadly cancelled 1899 was a show with the feel that absolutely anything could happen and in the last few minutes I was scared I was gonna spray my shorts if it turned out they were in space. They were and I did! You just think to yourself that there is no limit to where things can go now, although there is because it's been binned but you know. The Boys for so long did things perfectly, including an organic all female team up rather than the laboured one in Endgame. The wheels aren't falling off just yet but maybe a nut needs tightening here or there. A Train didn't have to survive but I can cope with it, Maeve absolutely had to go though. Something had to give and it didn't. I mean fuck it Homelander could have gone and then we're in an even bigger world of shit with Soldier Boy being in charge, brings us back to Lore in a way.

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